Lucrative Investment Opportunity

Share the vision and be involved in Asia’s most exciting lifestyle destination.

International Standard Infrastructure

PT Jimbaran Hijau will provide like-minded developers and investors who share the vision of establishing a sustainable lifestyle destination with pre-zoned parcels of land which comes complete with basic infrastructure and utility connections.

The unique zoning concept of Bali International Park allows investors to accelerate their project/s under the guidance of PT Jimbaran Hijau as the master developer.

Land Tenure

The land tenure at Bali International Park adheres to standard Indonesian land laws in that investors have the right to construct and own buildings on land with title granted for a maximum of 30 years which can be extended for a subsequent 20 years, with an option to renew to a further 20 years thereafter.

Master Developer Agreement & Design Development Guidelines

PT Jimbaran Hijau and like-minded developers or investors will enter into a Master Development Agreement as part of cooperation between PT Jimbaran Hijau and the developers, which will govern the development and the management of the property.

The developers and investors are also expected to abide to a set of Design and Development Guidelines to ensure that design and construction directly corresponds with Bali International Park’s branding and positioning.

The Design and Development Guidelines and the standard Master Development Agreement will be made available to the potential investors and/or developers upon satisfactory conclusion of certain preliminary agreements and arrangements between PT Jimbaran Hijau and the developers/investors.

Land Pricing

The pricing for parcels of land within Bali International Park is available on request at the discretion of PT Jimbaran Hijau’s management team.