Design Competition for Bali Today & Future launched in Taman Bhagawan

Globalization happens in all over the world without any exception. Differ in speed, it evolve; change; scrape every local elements & norms, culture & architecture inclusively pushed to adapt & change as the era goes flow. Shift & evolution in perspective of thinking which align through globalization causing unrest & dilution of shifted local value that leads to identity crisis, not mentioning locally but also national scale.

Globalization in Bali has cause unpredictable matter. Bali as one of main International tourism destination in Indonesia has been known for it social culture & physical form of Bali Culture which based on local manners & religion as charm to tourist. Globalization effect greatly come in without any filter & unstoppable. Which are very unfortunates, if globalization would cause intervention to Balinese cultural that could not just shifting but worse - eroding the culture through its roots.

Government of Bali Province applying culture tourism as steps to defends Balinese Local Culture. Bali genius locality & local value which forming to physical traditional Balinese Architecture is one of the identity of Bali which can’t be naive that affected by globalization. It have to adapt trough time & era also needs complexity which require Balinese architecture to evolve by reviewing & re-understanding every single every Balinese cultural value to its root in order to set Balinese Architecture to another level, thicker & very Bali more than ever.

Realized by these circumstances Indonesian Institute of Architect Bali Chapter & PT. Jimbaran Hijau held Design Idea Competition. Design on Art & Culture Center is an idea competition which should be able to accommodate many functions on single site such as museum, gallery, art performance center, cultural education, art space, artist residence, etc.

This 135 million Rupiahs total prize Competition for the winners was launched on August 12th 2016 at Taman Bhagawan – Benoa – Bali by President of Indonesian Institute of Architect Mr. Ahmad Djuhara, attended by the Board of Jury ranging from architect practitioners, academics, humanist, green building council of Indonesia, Indonesian Institute of Architects board-men & Hotel and Restaurants associations. The Juror will be Dr. Ir. Frans B. Siswanto, MM. & Prof. Dr. Ir. Sulistyawati, M.S., MM., M.Mis., D.Th.(both also initiator of this competition), Architect Popo Danes – IAI Balinese Architect, - Arsitek Ir. Ketut Gede Astian Supatra,IAI – Building & Architecture Committee Reviewer for Denpasar Region (TABG), Prof. Dr. Ir. I Wayan Runa, MT., IAI, AA – Deputy Chair IAI Bali, Dr. Ir. Tjok Oka Ardhana Sukawati, MSi. – Chair PHRI Bali, Guruh Soekarnoputra – Famous Artist & Cultural Actor, Naning S. Adiningsih Adiwoso, GP – Chair GBCI (Green Building Council Indonesia), dan DK Halim, PhD - Jimbaran Hijau Planning & Design Director.

DK Halim said "It is very much welcome for creative ideas coming from the participants to carry out a movement for Balinese Architecture which is accommodative yet bringing up Balinese cultural values as the Contemporary Balinese Architecture."He also adds that although this competition is limited only for idea phase, there is still possibility that the idea to be realized and constructed, of course the winner or the architects should be professionally involved in design & construction phase.

Winner announcement & inauguration will be held in IAI Bali Award Night on November 26th 2016 which will be attended by IAI Bali Award winners, finest Architects, International Delegates, and Business owners.