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Things to do in Jimbaran

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There are plenty of things to do in Jimbaran. In Jimbaran Hijau, we are serious in providing a balanced lifestyle, a life more than work and sleep. Art, creativity, education and leisure are also important components to life, and we invite all generations to play in Jimbaran.

Activities in Jimbaran Hijau

We all want to have joyful experiences. If you are looking for things to do in Jimbaran, we, in Jimbaran Hijau, have made both visiting and living here fun.

Jungle Play

Nature is the best teacher. Let your loved ones play and become acquainted with nature from the earliest days. Make the playing atmosphere of your child a moment to unite and learn naturally.

Jungle Play

Jet Bike & Skatepark

1000 m2 area for your thirst on adrenalin in biking through slope dirt and your own fearlessness. Come and enjoy our unique park where “picnic” means dirt, sweat, fun and full of adrenalin rush.


Gokart Bali

Dare yourself and your family or friends in a safe yet competitive racing game. Feel your adrenaline rushing and get to know what it takes to become a true champion.

Karting Star Bali Gokart

Colabo Academy

Learning is important as well as playing. We simply blend the two elements into one place. Nothing can stop you to be the best of what you want to be. The academy facilitates you to be the best of what you want to learn.



A place for all. Jimbaran Hub is here to facilitate all your needs in one place, as well as to invite you to unite with what Jimbaran Hijau has to offer you.



Robert Motherwell once said: “Art is an experience not an object.”
Check out our greatest collection at Jimbaran Art space for an artsy experience!


Celebrate in Jimbaran Hijau

Get married or simply celebrate an important milestone in your life or with your company.

Puri Bhagawan


Celebrate important moments in life with all the people you love. A private immense scenery with the breathtaking panoramic view of South Bali sea is ready to be transformed as part of an important witness in your life.

Jimbaran Hub

Jimbaran Hub

The perfect place to have multiple events and celebrations -- whether it's private, or something festive like community market and showcases. Jimbaran Hub has an open stage, multi-purpose areas and rooms, and sufficient parking space. This is the area where we choose to establish the “one place for all'' as the name Jimbaran Hub stands for. 

Restaurants & Bars in Jimbaran Hijau

Jimbaran Hijau offers a variety of food and beverage. Want to party to dawn? A healthy meal for the whole family, or a romantic dinner for two? Pick your dish.

Colabo Cafe


Neighborhood Café by Chef Ali, with good vibe, comfort food done with excellence with locally sourced ingredients.

Locca Sea Horse


Embrace Cultural and Arty interior in a soothing atmosphere overlooking Jimbaran Beach, with food, drinks, music, and family.

Book a Stay in Jimbaran Hijau

Jimbaran Hijau has a variety of hotels and villas for your perfect holiday in Bali.

Raffles Bali


Welcome to Raffles Bali, an intimate oasis of emotional well-being offering unparalleled panoramic ocean views and captivating sunsets from every villa. Our beachfront resort is surrounded by lush tropical gardens, providing utmost privacy and generosity of space.

Royal Tulip Springhill Resort Jimbaran


Make the 5-star Royal Tulip Springhill Resort Jimbaran the perfect place for your holiday or business stay. The expanding panoramic view from the height of Jimbaran hill combined with our building and room designs will inspire you to find the magical side of Bali more than you have ever imagined.