Work in Bali


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Bali has grown from a flourishing exotic tourism spot into a robust business facility within the paradise. It is our commitment to ensure that Jimbaran Hijau is connected with the international networks of your professional world.

Working in Jimbaran Hijau

We did not design merely a place. We designed your life flow that is in tune with our green mission. Making Jimbaran a green area holistically and building an infrastructure for an effective work environment that is integrated with the needs of your network.

Meeting Room

With a capacity up to 10 - 20 people, this 30m2 meeting room is available to rent for your business purposes.


Virtual Office x Colabo Coworking

We present you not only a complete office facility, but also a supporting environment to achieve your professional targets. Sometimes being in a place with a positive collective environment and enthusiasm can be your main reason to accomplish your work.



Do you need a more private space for working? Make use of the private working space facility that we provide for you, business address and other supporting facilities that you need to have an office included!


Collaborate in Jimbaran Hijau

So many doors to open at Jimbaran Hijau that will lead to opportunities and challenges. Our network consists of all aspects that eventually will take you for more ideas and purposeful projects. Join and collaborate your ideas and let’s make Jimbaran a place that will become the core of sustainable Bali and beyond. 


Colabo Coworking

Colabo is Jimbaran’s premier coworking space and creative Hub. It aims to provide a creative environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, start ups enthusiasts and community to collaborate and connect. It provides indoor and semi-outdoor working spaces, meeting rooms, Skype booth and café, surrounded by Jimbaran’s lush green forest.

Own Your Own Office Space

Be productive and efficient by having your own designed space for your businesses and projects. We understand that every business needs it’s own personal measurement and calculations. Here we have everything from co-working space, virtual office up to your personal office space.

J Loft

Need more than just a desk for your work? We provide a workspace with a multifunctional design which is connected to all facilities as a whole. Maximize your business and goals by using our space facilities creatively and dynamically.