‘5K Sunset Trail Run’ in Jimbaran Hijau, showcases sustainable tourism

June 29, 2024

Hundreds of participants joined the “5K Sunset Trail Run”, a sustainable and responsible tourism activity, in Bali on May 19.

The participants made up of adults, children, families and tourism stakeholders indulged in the joy of running about 5 kilometers, with Jimbaran hub as the starting point, encircling the Jimbaran Hijau area in Jimbaran, South Kuta, Bali.

While running, the enthusiastic participants were treated to a spectacular panorama: sunset at Locca Seahouse and Puri Baghawan and the beautifully designed green landscape in Natadesa Resort Residence before running back to the starting point.

The “5K Sunset Trail Run”, organized by property developer Jimbaran Hijau and RajaLARI.id, a subsidiary of PT Prista Teknologi Indonesia, was held to support Bali as host of the 10th World Water Forum, running from May 18 – 25, which aimed to strengthen collaboration among business, the government and the public to achieve development and sustainable environment goals.

The event was attended by Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno, and other supporting stakeholders, including the Home Ministry, Center of Excellence of Smart City (ASECH), API Institute and sponsors that advocate sustainable development and environmental preservation-conscious estates.

Sandiaga touted the activity as a brilliant idea for promoting sport and sustainable tourism. “With regard to the cultural and environmental erosion in Bali, the activity can serve as an example of how to run a more responsible tourism program,” he said.

Sandiaga described Jimbaran Hijau area in three words, “Quality, sustainability and responsibility”.

Meanwhile, Agung Prianta, CEO of Jimbaran Hijau added: “Here, participants can take a break for a moment, getting out of their suits, while enjoying the stunning landscape. The activity is expected to raise awareness among leaders and the public about sustainable development and the environment and hopefully, the Jimbaran Hijau area can serve as an example, which keeps Bali safe and prosperous, with its nature well preserved”.

The event was about more than just running but also celebrating a healthy lifestyle and enjoying Bali’s natural wonder, with the landscape showcasing great care for sustainable development and the environment.

Jimbaran Hijau, ASECH, along with RajaLari.ID expected that the activity could inspire similar programs that placed a priority on quality, sustainability and responsibility in every aspect of tourism in Bali.

The activity can also become an important opportunity to show the world that Bali is well prepared to host international events, especially those focusing on environmental and development issues.


Source : https://www.thejakartapost.com/front-row/2024/05/24/5k-sunset-trail-run-in-jimbaran-hijau-showcases-sustainable-tourism.html