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Vision & Value

Jimbaran is an area where everything is possible in the hands of green developers and innovative landscape designers. Our long term objectives are settled over many short term achievements such as residential areas, working spaces, creative hubs and many more to come. Set on account of the role of Jimbaran Hijau Foundation in designing our developments, a green lifestyle is the heartbeat and soul of every Jimbaran Hijau facility, whether it is for living, working, or playing.

Community Engagement

Green means nothing without the community working hand in hand. This is why we have been developing our landscape mainly with sustainability as the intention and community living environment as the purpose. We believe this community will bring Jimbaran’s balance back to the way it was before.

Our Projects & Partners

Some of the worlds best known brands have made Jimbaran Hijau their home. Through planning spaces and selecting partners who share our visions Jimbaran Hijau creates a long term sustainable approach to growth beyond simply tourism. We empower local communities while creating regional and international opportunities across multiple sectors.

Natadesa Resort & Residence
Raffles Bali
Royal Tulip Hotel
Jimbaran Hub

Our Location

Bali’s Southern Hill area is connected with bypass main road that joins any other parts of Bali. Jimbaran Hijau area is linked to the main bypass road, 15 minutes from the airport.

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