About Jimbaran Hijau

Caring the trees for our life, work and play

Our transformation begins with our belief in Jimbaran to be the next core of sustainable living to the whole Bali island. We saw its potential and we planted our first seed in ..... At the time we saw how pivotal infrastructure is for everything that we want to build in the future. Now we have connected the whole area with over 3.500m road, 5 residential areas, and over 10 various facilities & work hubs; including event and recreational space and facilities. Our seeds have now grown into a fruitful tree for life, work and play.


Vision & Value

Jimbaran is an area where everything is possible in the hands of green developers and innovative landscape designers. Our long term objectives are settled over many short term achievements such as residential areas, working spaces, creative hubs and many more to come.  Set on account of the role of Jimbaran Hijau Foundation in designing our developments, a green lifestyle is the heartbeat and soul of every Jimbaran Hijau facility, whether it is for living, working, or playing.

A Living Masterplan

In Jimbaran Hijau, we forge a new concept of development opportunities in Bali. Our masterplan is thoughtfully crafted towards growing a community that allows for organic as well as structured growth.

Community Living

Green means nothing without the community working hand in hand. This is why we have been developing our landscape mainly with sustainability as the intention and community living environment as the purpose. We believe this community will bring Jimbaran’s balance back to the way it was before.

Play in Bali

Art, creativity, education and leisure are also important components to life, and we invite all generations to play in Jimbaran.

Work in Bali

We ensure that Jimbaran Hijau is connected with the international networks of your professional world.

Live in Bali

Be a part of the green seeds that we planted for Jimbaran, for Bali, and for the world, and most importantly, for yourself.

Green Productivity and Sustainability

Our commitment towards green living starts from seeds to our own food production. Started with a small green farm plot to implement our permaculture infrastructure as a module and now it has been successfully producing crops for the community. We are targeting green products and sustainability as part of every development in Jimbaran Hijau.

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