Art and Ocean Unite at JHub Art Space: Raising Youth Awareness on the Ocean’s Vital Role Through Exhibition

June 29, 2024

Jhub Art Space reaffirms its commitment as a collaborative platform with the art community by showcasing works that raise awareness about environmental issues. The ocean-themed art exhibition, curated by Gallery Aatelier and titled Vol 3: OCEAN, officially opened today at Jhub Art Space, Jimbaran Hub. This marks the third collaboration between Aatelier and JHub Art Space. The exhibition features artworks across various media, from the tactile textures of weaving to the beauty of underwater photography, and from abstract interpretations of the ocean to more direct representations of marine life.

One standout piece is by Oka Astawa, a Balinese artist living in Tabanan. His work is made from plastic bottle caps, waste he collected from the beach. This piece serves as a stark reminder of the plastic pollution threatening our oceans. Other participating artists include Akhirul Akbar, Erdiawan Golek, Giri Ananda, Gusti Kade, Krishna Aditya, Nyoman Suarta, Ni Wayan Pennawati, Radetyo ‘Itok’, Surya Subratha, Suardana Kacor, Wanti Amelia, Wilson Wirawan, as well as photographers Giuseppe La Spada and PADI Dive Center Bali Elite Scuba Tulamben.

The exhibition’s narrative was crafted by Richard Tambalo, an experienced art curator with over a decade of experience managing studios, galleries, and museums, and who has studied fine arts in Yogyakarta and Osaka.

In her opening remarks, Alvita Chen, Founder of Gallery Aatelier, expressed her gratitude for the support from JHub Art Space. “We hope this exhibition can raise awareness about the need for sustainable ocean preservation and management. We believe art and the environment are closely connected, and creative approaches serve as a powerful form of art advocacy,” said Alvita.

Putu Agung Prianta, Founder of Jhub Art Space, added, “As the host of this event and in continuing our commitment to appreciating artworks that hold significant value, we enthusiastically welcome the movement of this Maritime Art collection. We hope it can raise awareness about sustainable environmental practices, especially regarding the importance of keeping our oceans clean and preserved,” said Agung, who is also a diver.

Each artwork in this exhibition offers a unique perspective on the timeless allure and mystery of the ocean. The exhibition will run until July 21, 2024, and will be open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM WITA every Monday to Saturday. Various engaging activities will accompany visitors at Jhub Art Space, Jimbaran Hub, making each visit an unforgettable experience.

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