Bali Mods May Day 2024: Hundreds of Vespa Enthusiasts Celebrate at Jimbaran Hub

June 29, 2024

Bali Mods May Day is an annual event held to commemorate International Workers’ Day, with a history that explains Mods as a subculture of the working class. Aimed at commemorating and honoring this day, Mods always organize activities known as Mods Mayday.

Today, the Mods subculture has gone global, and in Bali, many young people have adopted the Mods culture. One of the communities embracing this culture is MAVE WEEKENDER. On this occasion, MAVE Indonesia participated by organizing the Mods May Day event as a form of appreciation for the working class in Bali, becoming part of the world in commemorating International Workers’ Day through music and scooters.

This year, Jimbaran Hub had the opportunity to be the host and finishing point for Bali Mods May Day 2024, creating an authentic Balinese atmosphere with hundreds of enthusiastic and united participants.

Visitors experienced the sensation of green, pristine scenery and sustainability that is well-maintained, combined with unique Balinese elements at Jimbaran Hub. One visitor commented, “Overall, I was amazed upon arriving here (Jimbaran Hub). This is like the original Bali. When you enter, you still feel the touch of nature. There’s a visible trend of sustainability applied here, especially with the strong presence of Balinese identity that adds a unique touch. There’s no visible trash, it’s just very refreshing.”

This made Bali Mods May Day this year more memorable and felt very original. The event was also enlivened by various musical performances, including The Jansen, NoinBullet, Ras Muhammad, Gold Voice, and many more. The presence of these musicians added excitement and joy to the event, making it an unforgettable celebration.

Jimbaran Hub strongly supports community activities that aim to strengthen bonds through the creativity that emerges from enjoying hobbies or collections pursued by communities. Agung Prianta, the Founder of Jimbaran Hub, expressed his happiness to be part of this event and witness the tremendous enthusiasm from the Bali Scooter community.

“Jimbaran Hub is committed to continuously supporting positive activities like this that not only strengthen inter-community relationships but also celebrate the beauty and sustainability of Bali’s environment and culture,” he concluded.


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