Collaboration Between Artist Agus Kama Loedin and JHub Art Space Presents Captivating Art Exhibition

June 29, 2024

Legendary artist Agus Kama Loedin continues to showcase his presence in the art world with his latest works titled ‘Turbulence of Exploration #3,’ in collaboration with JHub Art Space (Jimbaran Hijau). The exhibition, held at Locca Sea House Jimbaran, Badung, from November 6 to December 6, 2023, is a significant event in the art world, featuring two major streams of creativity: abstract photography and wire-based artworks.

Agus Kama Loedin explained that this event, showcasing 40 pieces, marks his first solo exhibition since the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In this exhibition, I present two major streams of creativity based on photography and wire art. This reflects my traditional perception of photography with abstract imagery. I use montage and reflection techniques to create compositions that present a visual enigma,” he said after the exhibition’s opening ceremony on Monday (November 6, 2023).

Agus further explained that in addition to photography, he also creates innovative artworks using wire material. He redefines the traditional concept of sculpture by demonstrating that sculptures can take various forms, including hanging on walls like paintings.

Agus combines formal elements with subjective expressions to create unique and thought-provoking works.

Meanwhile, Putu Agung Prianta, founder of JHub Art Space by Jimbaran Hijau, expressed great enthusiasm in collaborating with Agus Kama Loedin. He noted that some of Agus’s works in this exhibition address ecological issues, cultural heritage, and spirituality amidst changing times.

“This exhibition is a rare opportunity to experience the richness and complexity of the creativity of an artist who has explored the world with bold artworks. At this opening, we also feature a music performance by Nova Ruth and a collaboration with Otniel Tasman and Jasmine Okubo,” said Agung Prianta, accompanied by Nicolaus Kuswanto.


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