Dozens of International Artists and Intellectuals Gather in Jimbaran Hijau, Agung Prianta Becomes a Mentor

June 29, 2024

On Sunday, November 27, 2023, twelve artists from the Asia-Pacific region gathered in Jimbaran Hijau. They hailed from five countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Additionally, the event was attended by eighteen international intellectuals who acted as leaders, mentors, and facilitators from the Asia-Pacific region.

This special program was an initiative by Chan + Hori Contemporary, a contemporary art curatorial consultancy based in Singapore. The event was organized in collaboration with Maybank Foundation, aiming to create a space for inspiration and the exchange of ideas.

Over six days, the program included visits to various locations around Bali, with Jimbaran Hijau being one of the main destinations. Khai Hori, Partner & Director of Chan + Hori Contemporary, Singapore, mentioned that Jimbaran Hijau has a unique quality that connects various creative activities. He noted that every area and development in Jimbaran Hijau is imbued with a certain philosophy.

“That’s why we chose Jimbaran Hijau as one of the destinations for this program,” he said.

Putu Agung Prianta, CEO of Jimbaran Hijau, also served as a mentor during the workshop. He warmly welcomed the participants and took them on a tour around Jimbaran Hijau. Agung stated that Jimbaran Hijau is not just a destination but also has a vision that includes creating a purpose, becoming a contemporary art destination, and collaborating with both local and international creatives.

“We focus on a green lifestyle, being authentic yet innovative, creative, and inclusive,” said Agung Prianta.

The visit to Jimbaran Hijau marked the beginning of establishing connections and fostering relationships between international artists, curators, and intellectuals. Agung added that this would strengthen the new art ecosystem in Bali, contributing to cultural preservation, adapting to cultural developments, and caring for social dynamics.

According to Agung, the cultural values and developments today are crucial for creating a new social ethos, as they instill a sense of trust in us as a nation with rich and noble cultural heritage.

“To create a new social ethos, because it will instill a sense of trust within us as a nation with a high and noble cultural heritage,” concluded Agung.


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