Jimbafest 2023 Offsets Emissions by Planting a Thousand Trees with J Trust Bank

June 29, 2024

Jimbafest 2023 offset 3 tons of CO2 emissions through the initiative of planting 1,000 mangrove trees. This activity was centered at the Kelan Mangrove Forest, Kelan Kangin Beach, Tuban on Saturday, November 25, 2023. With 3 tons of CO2, which can be minimally compensated by planting 250 trees per year, planting 1,000 mangrove trees, Jimbafest 2023, together with J Trust Bank, not only offsets the emissions from the event but also contributes significantly to overall carbon emission reduction efforts.

This initiative was in collaboration with PT Bank JTrust Indonesia Tbk (J Trust Bank). It is part of both parties’ commitment to achieving zero carbon emissions, particularly in the Jimbaran area, and mitigating the impact of emissions caused by the Jimbafest 2023 event. Yusea Eka Prasetya, the Acting Chairman of the Jimbaran Hijau Foundation and advisor for Jimbafest 2023, added that Jimbafest 2023 carried the theme ‘Agha Kerthi Jagadhita,’ which means ‘Efforts to Preserve Nature for a Prosperous Earth.’

“Planting mangrove trees is not only a step to offset carbon emissions but also a long-term investment in environmental sustainability,” he said. This activity also commemorates National Tree Planting Day in November. According to Yusea, planting mangroves is a proactive step to balance the environmental impact generated during Jimbafest 2023 and J Trust Bank events. Mangrove trees are known as efficient natural carbon storages and offer significant ecosystem benefits, including protecting coastlines from erosion, providing habitats for marine fauna, and improving water quality.

Ridyawan Amnar, Corporate Secretary Division Head of PT Bank JTrust Indonesia Tbk, explained that this synergy also coincided with the 8th anniversary of J Trust Bank. “We see a shared mission with Jimbafest 2023 regarding environmental preservation actions,” he said. Through this initiative, both parties hope to set an example for the community in supporting zero carbon emission efforts.


Source : https://balikonten.com/jimbafest-2023-gantikan-emisi-dengan-tanam-seribu-pohon-bareng-j-trust-bank/