Jimbaran Hijau Welcomes a Wave of Creativity from Asia-Pacific’s Finest Artists

June 29, 2024

Jimbaran Hijau with its diverse art, culture, and environment, hosted 12 talented artists from five Asian countries; Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines, as well as 18 Leaders-Mentors-Facilitators from Asia Pacific.

Initiated by Chan + Hori Contemporary, a Singaporean contemporary art curatorial consultant, the special program that fosters spaces for inspiration and idea exchange is organized in association with the Maybank Foundation.

Over the course of six days, the series of the event will visit several places around Bali, including Jimbaran Hijau.

“Jimbaran Hijau is a unique destination. A place that connects diverse creative activities and has a distinct philosophy underlying each area which can inspire both local and international creative actors. Therefore we chose Jimbaran Hijau as one of the destinations for the program,” said Khai Hori, Partner and director of Chan + Hori Contemporary, on Monday (Nov 27).

Putu Agung Prianta, CEO of Jimbaran Hijau, also one of the mentors in this program, welcomed the participants by inviting them for a tour inside the Jimbaran Hijau area.

“Not just being a destination, Jimbaran Hijau has a vision, namely creating purposes, becoming the most updated art destination, together with creative people both local and international, focusing on a green, authentic lifestyle but still innovating, creative and inclusive,” said Agung Prianta.

In addition to establishing connections between artists, curators, and international thinkers, the visit to Jimbaran Hijau opens doors for strengthening Bali’s new art ecosystem, which will protect art while remaining constantly adaptive to cultural development and social dynamics.

“Cultural values in the current developments are important to create a new social ethos since it will create a sense of trust within ourselves as a nation that has high and noble cultural wealth,” Agung closed.


Source : https://balipicturenews.com/jimbaran-hijau-welcomes-a-wave-of-creativity-from-asia-pacifics-finest-artists/