Layering Time: Folding Time Through the Works of Made Wianta and Stephan Spicher

June 29, 2024

JHub Art Space closed its 2023 art project agenda by presenting a captivating exhibition titled ‘Layering Time,’ featuring the works of two renowned artists, the late Made Wianta from Indonesia and Stephan Spicher from Switzerland. The exhibition ‘Layering Time’ is held at Locca Sea House, Jimbaran, Bali, from December 20, 2023, to January 20, 2024, celebrating and commemorating Made Wianta’s birthday.

This exhibition is more than just an artistic collaboration; it becomes a profound dialogue between the West and the East, which has spanned more than a quarter of a century. The concept of ‘folding time,’ which is difficult to grasp, as explained by curator Yudha Bantono, has been a central point of exploration and contemplation for artists throughout history.

Made Wianta and Stephan Spicher have gone through various encounters, collaborations, and exhibitions over the years. They not only create stunning artworks but also demonstrate consistency in their joint art projects.

This serves as evidence of the strength and depth of each artist’s achievements.

“They are not trapped in the romanticism of the past, but are delving into ideas from their life experiences,” remarked Yudha.

Their works are not just about visual beauty, but also about significant reinterpretations of the forgotten civilizations of the West and the East.

“Bali and Switzerland are backgrounds that influence both artists’ perspectives,” stated Yudha.

Stephan is fascinated not only by the nature and culture of Bali but also by the way of life of its people, which is tightly bound by tradition. Similarly, Wianta, who lived in Basel and Rancate Ticino, responded enthusiastically to life in Europe.

Their meeting opens up an artistic discourse that continues to evolve, not only creating joint art projects such as ‘Crossing Line’ and ‘Between Chaos and Form,’ but also influencing their individual works.

Wianta, an Eastern artist with a universal view, and Stephan, a Western artist who continues to expand his Eastern perspective.

This art project will be brought by Yudha Bantono as the curator and Project Director of the Wianta Foundation in an exhibition at II Rivellino Leonardo Da Vinci Gallery in Locarno, Switzerland, in March 2024. This marks the continuation of the art journey between Made Wianta and Stephan Spicher, which will be a prestigious moment for Indonesian art.

Putu Agung Prianta, the founder of JHub Art Space, is proud to be involved in bringing this prestigious exhibition to fruition, as Wianta is one of the first Indonesian artists to exhibit at Il Rivellino Leonardo Davinci Gallery.

“It is very proud because Il Rivellino Leonardo Davinci Gallery was once the studio of the painter famous for the Mona Lisa,” said Putu Agung Prianta.

Through Layering Time, visitors have the opportunity to delve into not only the visual beauty but also the profound questions about the nature of time, which might have answers in the power of imagination and creativity in their art, transcending conventional boundaries.