Made Wianta and Stephan Spicher’s ‘Layering Time’ Exhibition

June 29, 2024

JHub Art Space closed the 2023 art project agenda by presenting two renowned artists from Indonesia and Switzerland in Bali .

This painting exhibition, which is interpreted as more than just a collaboration, is also a meeting or dialogue between the West and the East that has existed for more than a quarter of a century.

Talking about layering time or folding time, according to exhibition curator Yudha Bantono, is a concept that is actually difficult to understand and has captured the human imagination for centuries, and has become a subject of exploration and contemplation for most artists.

From the experience of Swiss artist Stephan Spicher and Balinese artist Made Wianta (deceased), they both have accumulated experiences exchanging ideas, learning from each other from different cultural backgrounds, working together, collaborating and exhibiting together in a short time span which is a consistency in joint art project.

The presence of works by Made Wianta and Stephan Spicher, whether they were made individually or together after the two of them met in the period until Wianta died, is a glimpse of the deep implications of the achievements of their respective works.

Furthermore, according to Yudha, both Stephan Spicher and Made Wianta, they are not lulled into the romance of meetings that take inspiration from the past, they are exploring the ideas of the events they have carried out, then capturing their essence and presenting it as a very rich re-talk. important.

The intersection of both himself and his work is a thought that brings to life the stories of a forgotten civilization between the west and the east, then brings the viewer back to a different time.

Through the works of Stephan Spicher and Made Wianta in this exhibition, we can witness not only the beauty of the works, but also the meeting of ideas that makes them still relevant and accessible today.

Bali is Stephan’s second home, and this island is not only the nature and cultural life that fascinates him.

However, the way of life of the community is all structured based on cultural traditions that are maintained.

That was the case with Wianta when he lived in Basel and Rancate Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland.

Wianta enthusiastically responded to what he saw and felt about Basel and Ticino.

Wianta’s thoughts as a Balinese person really felt different when he had to collide with the reality of life in Europe, and this was the same experience for Stephan when he was in Bali .

The meeting between Stephan and Made Wianta means that at an artistic level there is a meeting that can continue to be dialogued and even discussed as a discussion material between their artworks.

Both respect each other at their respective points of achievement.

Maybe this is the way of those who have long experience of living and interacting with art and culture in Europe and Asia.

Stephan Spicher and Made Wianta’s leaping thoughts increasingly bring together how he opens himself up to always discussing his anxiety about world developments.

Their next meeting resulted in joint art projects, as they had previously done, namely Crossing Line, which had been exhibited in Bali , Basel, St. Petersburg, and Moscow.

Then recently in February 2023, “Between Chaos and Form” returned to Bali .

After working together, these two artists brought the spirit of working independently and continued to produce works that linked their perspectives. Wianta is an eastern artist who sees the west universally in his own way as a Balinese person .

This is the case with Stephan as a western artist with his eastern spirit which he continues to develop to meet in important dialogue in the development of his works.

As a continuation of the art project between Made Wianta and Stephan Spicher who spoke today, Yudha Bantono as curator and Project Director of the Wianta Foundation will later exhibit the works of these two artists in the form of a joint exhibition at II Rivellino Leonardo Davinci Gallery Locarno Switzerland, precisely on . Next March 2024.

Putu Agung Prianta as the founder of JHub Art Space feels proud to be involved in presenting this very prestigious exhibition, because Wianta is one of the first Indonesian artists to exhibit at Il Rivellino Leonardo Davinci Gallery, which was previously a painter’s studio famous for its Mona Lisa painting.

“The Layering Time exhibition will be held at Locca Sea House and is scheduled to last for a month from December 20, 2023 to January 20, 2024. The reason for holding it on December 20, 2024 is to remember and celebrate Made Wianta’s birthday,” added Putu Agung.

Through Layering Time, the life experiences and works of Made Wianta and Stephan.

Spicher has raised interesting questions about the nature of time itself at this time or in the future.

Is time linear, or can it be folded and manipulated in reading their works?

The answer may lie in power. Their artwork, where imagination and creativity have the power to transcend conventional boundaries to answer everything.


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