Natadesa Resort Residence partners with Elite Havens for luxury in Bali

June 29, 2024

Jimbaran Hijau, an integrated tourism area in Bali, is increasingly becoming the preferred tourist and property investment destination with the second phase of Natadesa Resort Residence development in the pipeline.

The second phase of Natadesa Resort Residence development will be realized following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between PT Jimbaran Hijau, the developer of Natadesa Resort Residence, and Elite Havens, a luxury and professional property management company with over 20 years of experience managing more than 300 private villas across Asia.

Under the collaboration agreement, PT Jimbaran Hijau, which has successfully sold all units in its first phase, will commence the development and sales of Natadesa Resort Residence in the second phase in early 2024, enhancing facilities for unit owners to manage their properties through Elite Havens.

The signing of the MoU marks a new chapter for Natadesa Residence as the collaboration with Elite Havens will not only enhance the property buying experience at Natadesa, but also position it as an increasingly sought-after investment destination.

PT Jimbaran Hijau said in a statement that Natadesa Resort Residence unit owners would enjoy comprehensive property maintenance and rental services, including personal butlers, cleaning staff, garden management, 24/7 security, private chefs, villa booking and marketing services and online income management.

PT Jimbaran Hijau’s CEO Dr. Putu Agung Prianta pointed out, “With the current ecosystem, Jimbaran is not just a destination offering natural beauty and culture in Bali, but also a reliable investment potential.”

He went on to say, “Alongside Elite Havens, Natadesa unit owners can maximise income and enjoy quality services at their properties.”

Meanwhile, Elite Havens Indonesia’s Director Alan Porteus explained, “Elite Havens is committed to providing the best services to our clients. Natadesa is an extraordinary residential resort with tremendous potential. We are proud to be part of the special journey of Natadesa owners and help them secure a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle in Jimbaran, Bali.”

Since its launch in 2021, Natadesa Resort Residence, located in Jimbawana, Jimbaran Hijau, has been recognized for its authentic and natural rural concept.

Natadesa Resort Residence features a tropical modern design inspired by the natural beauty and harmony of Balinese villages. For the second phase set to begin in early 2024, 43 units will be built, offering three villa types named after traditional Balinese dances: Janger, Pendet and Legong.

Jimbaran Hijau was developed in 2013 with a focus on preserving Balinese culture, inclusivity, innovation, creativity and environmental sustainability. Recent developments in the Jimbaran Hijau area include residential areas such as Natadesa Resort Residence and Damara Village.

Other supporting facilities include the Jimbaran Hub as an office space center, a gallery, the Wantilan Courtyard outdoor venue, the Colabo woworking space, Jungle Play for children, Jet Skate and the seaside recreation area Locca Seahouse.


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