Running While Preserving the Environment in Bali: 5K Sunset Trail Run at Jimbaran Hijau Flooded with Participants, Including Sandiaga Uno

June 29, 2024

Jimbaran Hijau, in collaboration with, announced the organization of the “5K Sunset Trail Run” held on Sunday, June 19, 2024.

The event was organized to support Bali as the host of the 10th World Water Forum, aiming to strengthen cooperation between businesses, the government, and the community to achieve sustainable development and environmental goals.

The event was attended by Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, and supported by various other stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Center of Excellence of Smart City (ASECH), API Institute, and sponsors advocating for sustainable development and environmentally conscious areas. Sandiaga Uno stated that this event was a brilliant idea to promote sport and sustainable tourism.

“Regarding the issues of cultural and environmental erosion in Bali, this event is expected to set an example for more responsible tourism,” said Sandiaga Uno. “Quality, Sustainability, and Responsibility” were the three words he used to describe the Jimbaran Hijau area.

Agung Prianta, CEO of Jimbaran Hijau and host of the event, expressed, “Here, participants can take a break from air-conditioned rooms and formal attire, enjoying the scenery and landscape. Through this event, we hope to awaken leaders and the community to the importance of sustainable development and the environment, and that the Jimbaran Hijau area can set an example to keep Bali thriving, safe, and its nature preserved.”

The event was attended by hundreds of participants, including children, families, and tourism stakeholders. Participants experienced the thrill of running approximately 5 kilometers around the Jimbaran Hijau area. Starting from Jimbaran Hub, runners enjoyed the breathtaking sunset at Locca Seahouse and Puri Baghawan, followed by the green landscape design of Natadesa Resort Residence, and then returned to the starting point. More than just a running event, this was a celebration of a healthy lifestyle and a way to enjoy Bali’s natural beauty, showcasing a landscape committed to sustainable development and the environment.

With the organization of the “5K Sunset Trail Run,” Jimbaran Hijau, ASECH, and RajaLari.ID hope to inspire more similar activities that prioritize quality, sustainability, and responsibility in every aspect of tourism in Bali. This event also serves as an important moment to show the world that Bali is ready to be an outstanding host for international events, especially those focused on environmental and sustainable development issues.

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