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Jimbaran Hijau Presents Residential Resort in Jimbaran, Bali

Jimbaran Hijau Presents Residential Resort in Jimbaran, Bali

Jimbaran (21/08) – PT Jimbaran Hijau as a Green Property Developer tirelessly widen the optimism of property world during this pandemic by presenting it’s brand new residential resort, Natadesa. This new project from the developer of “Damara Village Jimbaran Hijau” was designed by taking market demand for high-quality property in Bali into account, providing a premium a resort lifestyle themed housing in Jimbaran hill, wisely regards local potential and sustainable development.


Arise on 1.7 hectares of land, Natadesa is inspired by nature and rich culture incorporated in traditional Balinese life. It consists of 20 units luxury villas designed to give a new definition of premium cluster residential, re-presenting harmonious traditional Balinese life with innovative design in tropical environment. This can be seen in the style of the room which is proportional to the spacious and beautiful courtyard reminiscent of the beautiful Balinese countryside.

“Natadesa Resort Residence has the qualities of a five-star hotel yet still a pleasant and safe home with complete facilities for the whole family. Everything has been prepared in Jimbaran Hijau area,” explained Alya, Director of Royal T, lead marketing agent of Natadesa.

In its journey to make Jimbaran a New Living Destination, PT. Jimbaran Hijau, as representative of Green Building Council Indonesia, is committed to develop Jimbaran area while preserving balance and harmony with nature and local community. An ideal and beautiful place, peaceful area to live, work and play in Bali, integrated with premium facilities at Jimbaran Hub such as a skatepark, karts, cafes, coworking, learning centers, wellness centers, and five-star resorts.

During Natadesa soft launching event, PT Jimbaran Hijau distributed 1 ton of rice and 1000 mushroom seeds to Jimbaran Traditional Village and its resident as goodwill. “We are grateful for the commitment and consistency of PT Jimbaran Hijau as a developer who concerned about Jimbaran traditional village and has donated almost 3 tons of rice in total,” said the Village Head of Jimbaran Village.

As closing mark, the CEO of PT Jimbaran Hijau, Putu Agung Prianta, B.Eng. (Hons), M.A., added, “Hopefully Natadesa development can provide new enthusiasm and momentum for Bali property and local business to rise, and bring a second wind to Jimbaran and Bali into The New Living Destination.”